Freitag, 3. Februar 2023

March Talk: Andreas Reischuck "std::function - a deep dive behind the curtain"

Greetings to all survivors,

After a long pause, I am very thrilled to announce the restart of regular meetings for the C++ User group in Dresden.

I will jump in with the first talk: "std::function - a deep dive behind the curtain".

Standard function imagined by DeepAI


C++11 introduced std::function as a versatile tool that was lifted from boost to the STL. C++23 will probably introduce std::move_only_function as the first major extension. But it comes with some caveats that you should know. With std::invoke introduced in C++17 it has become convenient to build your own derivatives.

For the first time Wandelbots will host our meetup.

Date: Thursday, 16. March 2023
Start: 19:00
End: 21:00
Place: Wandelbots, Rayskistraße 25, 01219 Dresden (at Villa Erlwein)

Please come up with your presentation! Please send me your proposal or help us organize more speakers.


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  1. Good news! The recording is online!

    Note: The presentation was held in German language.

    We had a blast by discussing all the details. The video is heavily cut to reduce confusion (1h of 2 hours)