Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2018

Juni Talk Peter Steinbach: "Using C++ from Python - a talk from the trenches"

Hello C++ Fellows,

For our Juni meetup Check24 is sponsoring the central location next to Dresden main train station and some pizza again. This time we will start off with the pizza eating at 19:00. At 19:30 Peter Steinbach will talk about Python and C++.

Peter Steinbach
Today's IT world is polyglot. Every domain, be it methodologies or disciplines of science, industry or culture, has their own programming language at heart where most of the knowledge and progress is made persistent. As time goes by, preferences change, but the expertise should be retained at minimal cost. This talk discusses techniques to build such a bridge between python and C++. I'll present my experiences in an open-source project and try to explore the technical details behind the scenes. I'll finish the presentation with a live demo if time allows.
After the talk he is ready to answer your questions.

Date: Tuesday, 12. Juni 2018
Start: 19:00
End: 21:30
Place: Check24 Dresden, Prager Str. 3, 01069 Dresden (5th floor, follow the signs)
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