Montag, 27. April 2020

May Talk: Andreas Reischuck "Faster ►► C++ Meta-Programming"

Hello C++ Friends,

As we still cannot meet in person, we do another online meetup for May.
I will talk to you about faster meta programming with C++.
Please propose your talk for future possibly online meetups.
When we embraced meta programming in our application code we noticed a hit in compile times.
This started an ongoing journey to mitigate the negative effects, but retain the positives.
During this talk I will introduce the some motivations to run meta programming.
We will look at some compile time benchmark of basic meta programming constructs and discuss ideas to make them faster. With this foundation we take a look at real world use cases, like templated data containers. Hopefully we learn a lot and can make your code compile a bit faster.
We will use Goto Meeting again. You will get the chance to ask your questions directly through chat or voice.

Date: Wednesday, 13. May 2020
Start: 19:00
End: 22:00
Online: Goto Meeting

Please join before 19:00, so we can start on time.


PS.: We are looking for a talk in June!

Photo Credits:
* "fast" by Derren Hodson (modified: added text) - CC-BY