Samstag, 9. Oktober 2021

October Talk: Andreas Reischuck "Using C++20 Coroutines for Asynchronous Parsers"

Hello fellow C++ learners,

for our October talk we will join the Meeting C++ Online Meetup and use Hubilo for hosting the meetup.

See: for all the details.

C++20 Coroutines are one of the big new features, which are a bit hard to understand.
This talk will try to boost our understanding of coroutines.


We start of with an introduction to parsers and why we may want an asynchronous parser.
Motivated by this, we will try to use C++20 Coroutines to implement a simple parser.
As C++ lacks library support for Coroutines, we use most of the time for this. 
The talk will have slides to introduce and visualize some concepts.
For the hands on we will do live coding.
Please pray to the live coding gods and watch out for typos.

Date: Thursday, 21. October 2021
Start: 19:00
End: 22:00
Place: Online (see

We are looking for your presentation! Please send your proposal or help us find a good talk.


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