Donnerstag, 21. Dezember 2023

Januar Talk: Markus Klemm "C++20 Coroutines, with Boost ASIO in production: Frightening but awesome"

Hello C++ User Group,

We hope you have a good holiday and a good start into 2024!

Markus Klemm will give the first talk of the year for us:

"C++20 Coroutines, with Boost ASIO in production: Frightening but awesome"


Writing asynchronous code, for example with Boost ASIO, breaks a lot of basic patterns, often resulting in a lambda callback hell or lifetime issues. C++20 coroutines are a major help to reducing this complexity as other languages have done with „async functions“ or so called await semantics. However if one tries to use out of the box coroutines they are up for a lot of questions and confusion.

In this talk aimed at C++ intermediate to expert level audiences I will demonstrate, in conjunction with Boost ASIO, how one can write safer and orders of magnitude more readable asynchronous code thanks to the new compiler and library features.

I will also elaborate the many culprits and surprises that came along when I adapted C++20 coroutines for productive real world usage.

This meetup session will be in person, hosted by HicknHack Software Gmbh and also online.

Date: Wednesday, 24. Januar 2024
Start: 19:00
End: 21:00
Place: HicknHack Software Gmbh, Eisenstuckstr. 48, 01069 Dresden and Live on Youtube

Please feel free to propose your talk for one of the remaining sessions of the year!


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