Montag, 13. August 2018

September Talk: Andreas Reischuck "Coroutine TS: A new way of thinking"

Hello There,

Since nobody claimed the September talk slot, I will step in myself and introduce you to the magic of Co-Routines in C++.
We meet in the nice lecture room of the SLUB library.

CoRoutines are different. They allow us to build abstractions that were impossible before. Basically the Coroutine-TS introduced a new type of flow composition to C++.
The main driver for the introduction of CoRoutines for C++ are asynchronous compositions. But there is so much more. It took me a while to realize how well thought out this TS is. Therefore I will try to share my conclusions with you.
Date: Thursday, 13. September 2018
Start: 19:30
End: 21:30
Place: SLUB Dresden, Zellescher Weg 18, 01069 Dresden

Indoor map:

Please invite anyone who may be interested.


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